Life Planning


When investigating career opportunities and plotting a career path, the best place to start is to record your goals and objectives. Once you have listed off your most important career goals and objectives, make sure to review the list periodically...

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As parents, it's our job to launch our kids successfully into adulthood, and few things could be more important than teaching them how to manage their money well. Doing so should be simple enough, but unfortunately it isn't. Sure, the...

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Dealing with a Death

Besides the financial ramifications of a person's death, dealing with all the administrative details and paperwork can be very stressful for the family members of the deceased. Each province has certain paperwork requirements for....

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Approximately 1 in 8 Canadians live with disabilities, and many enjoy healthy independent lives. Often, people with disabilities or their families, friends and caregivers need reliable health information to overcome barriers affecting...

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For most people, a divorce causes severe emotional trauma. The process of separating lives and possessions often leaves a long-lasting impact that affects family relationships for years. The financial ramifications of divorce can...

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Every parent knows that time, love, care and support are the best investments they can make in a child. The Federal Government has created an excellent website ( CanLearn ) for assisting parents to "maximize the investment" that they...

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Eldercare is a journey. The first step is gathering information. Care giving for an aging parent, spouse, domestic partner or close friend presents tough challenges...especially when a crisis hits and responsibility descends upon...

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Home Ownership

Buying a home is often viewed as the single most significant financial event in the life of a Canadian family. Because a mortgage is by far the largest personal debt of the average Canadian family, and the single largest household...

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Leaving Home

Many people will eventually leave the home they grew up in and find a home of their own. However, everyone is different. Some people leave home when they are very young, others wait till they are in their thirties, and some people live with their...

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Power of Attorney

Why do you need a Power of Attorney? What if you were in a coma, or otherwise incapacitated such that you were unable to communicate? Or struck with a disease or other tragedy which affected your mind? Who should control your...

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For most Canadians, retirement is a major financial goal that requires considerable financial commitment. 49% of Canadians hope to retire before the age of 60. (Statistics Canada, Summer 2014 Perspectives and Labour Force Survey). Whether you...

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Working for yourself has many great rewards. It also comes with huge challenges. Starting your own business is more than having a good idea or a willingness to work at least 12 hours a day. You need a good plan and...

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Employment Insurance provides temporary financial assistance for unemployed Canadians while they look for work or upgrade their skills. Canadians who are sick, pregnant or caring for a newborn or...

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Using Credit

Buying on credit is easy. It's convenient. It is also expensive. Before you buy anything on credit, consider your purchase carefully. Ask yourself if you really need the item you are about to purchase. If the answer is no, then...

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A will is a written document, properly signed, which: (1)specifies who is to administer the estate (the executor), (2) specifies what is to happen with the assets and liabilities of the estate, (3) specifies certain other wishes such as...

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